Cook up romance!

Love Dumplings Cooking time: 35 minutes Difficulty rating: Not too tricky Serves 2 Ingredients 200g raw peeled prawns, from sustainable sources 1 large shallot 2 cloves of garlic 4 spring onions ½ a bunch of fresh coriander 16 round dumpling wrappers 100g glass noodles 1 tablespoon unsalted peanuts 1 soft lettuce a few sprigs … […] Read more >

Love is all around: our top five romantic getaways

For many there is nothing more romantic than a stroll down a secluded beach or sipping champagne whilst watching the sun go down. Whether your romantic trip is to celebrate an anniversary, a honeymoon or just the alone time you’ve worked all year for, there are many corners of the world where romance is found … […] Read more >

Dom Parsons wins Britain’s first medal in the men’s skeleton!

Team GB’s first Pyeongchang Olympic medal is skeleton bronze after Parsons slid head first to third in a tense race It’s the first time Team GB has won a medal since 1948 in the men’s skeleton. The 30-year-old PhD student entered the Games ranked 12th in the world but brought unexpected success and joy to … […] Read more >

Valentine’s Day and where it all began

Whether the word Valentine sparks up your romantic side or fills you with dread, the age-old tradition is here For many, today will involve making romantic plans with a loved one. But, where does Valentine’s Day actually originate? The name Valentine itself comes from a Saint and Christian martyr, although who he actually was is ... […] Read more >

Buying your first home together

Buying your first home together is such a milestone moment for any relationship and provides you with a property in which you can create, enjoy and share memories that last a lifetime Moving in together can be such a pleasant and joyous experience; and, let’s be honest it can also be extremely scary! You will, … […] Read more >

2018 Winter Olympics: its history and favourites to sweep gold

This year it’s the first Winter Games ever to be held in Korea, but how did it all start, and who will be the unique snowflakes to break the ice this year? Occurring every four years, the Winter Olympic Games, a major international multi-sport event set upon snow and ice, will take place from 9th … […] Read more >

Preparing your home for a new pet

Bringing a pet into the home can add a bundle of joy and lighten up your family life. However, the majority of cat and dog owners soon learn how hard it can be to raise a kitten or a puppy, and the sheer amount of vigilance and patience you need. Here we give you … […] Read more >

Turn your garden into a wildlife haven

Encouraging nature into our gardens not only allows us to look after the wildlife but also helps our environment run as efficiently and effectively as possible From birds to beetles, there are many different species which could really do with our help and providing a safe haven can make a huge impact. Imagine yourself sat … […] Read more >

Number of first-time buyers reaches a decade high

According to Halifax, low mortgage rates and government schemes have made a huge difference to the amount of people taking their first steps onto the property ladder It is estimated that 359,000 people purchased their first property last year, making 2017 the sixth consecutive year that numbers have increased; and they are at their highest … […] Read more >

Buying and selling property relocates into the digital age

The Government has approved changes to the land registration rules to pave the way for the introduction of digital land registration, which will come into effect on 6th April 2018 These changes are central to the HM Land Registry’s plans to become the world’s leading land registry for simplicity, speed and an open approach to … […] Read more >

Housing demand remains ‘robust’

According to Rightmove, early indicators of activity in this year’s housing market show that demand remains robust with most of the key metrics being broadly consistent with the same period last year Visits to Rightmove shows that the average demand so far in January is currently running over 9% higher than the same period last … […] Read more >

What does the Autumn Budget mean for landlords?

Many new changes have been made since the Spring Budget, and it seems landlords were given a number of Christmas presents from the government Each time the Budget is released to the general public by the government, there is inevitably always controversy associated with it, for it of course can’t please everyone. The Chancellor of … […] Read more >

Keep on track with this simple healthy recipe!

This super easy, quick and healthy one-pot is packed with white fish fillets, king prawns, a rich tomato sauce and enough veg to count as three of your five a day. Simple Fish Stew Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20-25 minutes Serves 2 Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp fennel seeds 2 carrots … […] Read more >

Cook up romance! POSTED ON 21 FEBRUARY 2018 Love Dumplings Cooking time: 35 minutes Difficulty rating: Not too tricky Serves 2 Ingredients 200g raw peeled prawns, from sustainable sources 1 large shallot 2 cloves of garlic 4 spring onions ½ a bunch of

With Christmas comes the obligatory over-consumption of mince pies and Christmas goodies and the clearing up of tinsel and Christmas tree needles. However, it’s no surprise that many of us will also receive an unwanted gift. Without sounding ungrateful or unappreciative, sometimes you just have no need for another Lynx’s gift set or your third … […] Read more >

2017 marked a great year for the royal family

From baby news, a milestone wedding anniversary and a royal engagement, 2017 marked several happy events for the royal family On the 20th of November 2017 the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their platinum anniversary. At 96, the Duke is the longest serving royal consort in British history, and alongside the Queen being the longest … […] Read more >

Bring affordable art into your home

Harmonious, calm and welcoming homes deliver mood boosting atmospheres and can really impact your lifestyle in a positive way Art is a form of expression which can be used as a type of therapy; in some ways our mood can even be affected by colour. Bringing art into your home can really brighten up your … […] Read more >

Are diets all they’re cracked up to be?

One in 10 Brits will make new year’s resolutions. Many will have dieting at the top of their lists but, do diets actually work? Despite the lure of ‘quick fix’ diets and their promise of helping us to lose weight fast, a study by plant-based food and drink specialist Alpro, which polled 2,000 adults across … […] Read more >

Plan your escape to the city

If you’re already dreaming about your next break away, how about considering a European city break? Here we showcase our favourite destinations Prague Nicknamed ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague is known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, … […] Read more >

Happy mind, happy life: make a good start to the year

The new year is a great chance to restart, think fresh and bring about change for the good! […] Read more >

House of the Year 2017

Channel 4’s Grand Designs awarded the magnificent Caring Wood the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects House of the Year 2017 award Not only is Caring Wood a modern vision of an English country home but it is also designed to accommodate three generations of one extended family during the holidays. This grand home took … […] Read more >

How to kick-start your property move

Whether it’s to cut down on spending, or to lose the Christmas waistline, the new year signals a chance to start something new. And now is a great time to kick-start your house move: and we are on hand to help get you moving There is a common belief that you should wait until the … […] Read more >