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Buying your first home together

Buying your first home together is such a milestone moment for any relationship and provides you with a property in which you can create, enjoy and share memories that last a lifetime

Moving in together can be such a pleasant and joyous experience; and, let’s be honest it can also be extremely scary! You will, however, know when you are ready to buy your first home together and this will come naturally. It may be that you have rented together for a while and therefore are already aware of each others bad habits or you may have recently been on an extended holiday and spending the majority of your time together was blissful. Once you have moved in together you will realise that sometimes you do need your own space; so finding that perfect house where you can combine easy living with your partner’s needs is important.

The process before receiving the keys can often be stressful as you and your partner may be looking for different things entirely. It’s important to sit down together, communicate and speak openly about what you are both looking for in a home; one may be looking for a house with character, whereas the other may be keen to find a new build with brand new specifications. There usually has to be some compromises unless you are lucky enough to want the same things; there is however something out there for everybody and it’s important that you find a property which you both will feel at home in.

We’ll be on hand to help find your perfect property; making you both feel comfortable in your dream home.

You also need to discuss other topics, such as managing your finances together; buying a house as a couple is a joint responsibility and each person should be aware of what payments are expected each month. You should also consider setting up a joint bank account which you both contribute to each month as paying bills through direct debit can make it much easier to keep control of your fingers.

Top Tip: Put an extra £50 each away in your joint account and after a year you will have a lovely holiday fund. It is also wise to have both names listed on any utility bills as some companies are unable to help with any problems unless your name is stated on the account for confidential purposes.

Choosing your furniture and decorating your property is the fun and creative task! You and your loved one should embrace and enjoy both of your styles incorporating these into each room. You both want to make this a home and deciding on colour schemes, lighting and fabrics are equally important to one another, so establish a sense of mutual ownership, share your ideas and take interest in the other’s style and desires. You may even disagree on some things but that’s okay! It’s key to exploring new inspiring ideas, which you can personalise together.

Finding a property

When choosing and looking for your dream property you should decide whether it will be used as a step onto the property ladder or if it will become a family home later on down the line. If you want a family home, then think about the amount of space you will have and compare it to the amount of space you may actually need.

Other things to think about when buying your first property together:

  1. Neighbourhood. Research into the area, look at what amenities you will need close to you and calculate your commute to work.
  2. Garden space. Do you have a big enough garden to host family barbecues or birthday parties? Are you looking for a garden which is of low maintenance or are you a keen gardener looking to grow your summer salads and baby potatoes?
  3. Driveway parking. Is parking something you will require and do you have room for installation?
  4. Additional costs. As well as agreeing a mortgage with your lender you will need a deposit and other costs could also include: application fees, arrangement fees, valuation fees, administration fees, mortgage broker fees, stamp duty, surveyor fees, legal fees, estate agent’s fees, removal company charges, house hold bills and maintenance.
  5. Time. Take into account the amount of time it takes to move into the right property from starting your search to that first night’s sleep in your new home. There are so many steps which take place when moving home and we will be on hand to help your move run smoothly.