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Love is all around: our top five romantic getaways

For many there is nothing more romantic than a stroll down a secluded beach or sipping champagne whilst watching the sun go down. Whether your romantic trip is to celebrate an anniversary, a honeymoon or just the alone time you’ve worked all year for, there are many corners of the world where romance is found in abundance

New York

We’ve all heard the song ‘The fairy-tale of New York’ but although not as well known as a place of romance, there are many reasons as to why the Big Apple has made it onto our list.

Used as the backdrop of many romantic films, the Empire State Building – especially at night – is the place to be. It’s difficult not to be swept up in the glamour of this famous building and the scenery greeting you from the observation decks. If you’re looking for a unique and magical evening, a live jazz saxophonist serenades on the 86th floor.

One of the most romantic and well-known places in New York is Central Park. No matter the time of year, you will find something to appeal to the romantic in you. In the winter months you can take to the ice at the picturesque Ice skating rink. And to warm yourselves up afterwards, share a hot chocolate on the terrace overlooking the rink.


It would be incredibly hard not to include Paris somewhere on this list. Known as the city of love, for years couples have visited the French capital in their millions for its array of boutique shops and intimate restaurants. The opportunities for romance are endless!

Of course, Paris is well known for its beautiful architecture and grand buildings such as Notre-dame cathedral and the Louvre, but nestled away is the romantic spot of the Bois de Boulogne. Found on the outskirts of the city, it’s a perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll. If you’re visiting in the summertime, performances in the gardens open air theatre are truly magical.

Your visit to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Eiffel tower. On the top floor of this iconic building you will be met with panoramic views of the city and why not indulge and complete your visit with a glass of fizz from the Champagne bar.

The Lake District

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway a little closer to home, then the mesmerising scenery of the Lake District will not disappoint.

With its rugged, yet tranquil, landscape, quaint local pubs and hotels – many of which date back centuries with low beams and open fires – the lake district has something for everyone. Whether that’s putting on your boots and hiking to the top of Haystack fell, which has some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding lakes, hills and tarns, or packing a picnic and relaxing by the side of Lake Windermere or the not so well-known Buttermere, romance will surely be in the air.

The unique Orient Express of the north – better known as the Settle to Carlisle train journey – not only offers you amazing views of the lakes but also that of the Yorkshire Dales, over the stunning Ribblehead Viaduct before arriving in Carlisle.


The birthplace of the notorious romantic Casanova, Venice has captured the hearts of loved up couples for centuries. It’s hardly surprising with its picturesque scenery and famous waterways. Venice truly is a unique getaway, catapulting visitors into another world.

What better way to explore the breath-taking sites of Venice, than to cosy up next to your loved one on a Gondola ride. Throughout the city, there are many tours to choose from including those in the evening where you can watch the stars come out for a truly romantic sight.

St Mark’s square is a must; the city’s largest square offers a taste of relaxation, with quaint café’s and a stunning backdrop – the perfect place to watch the world go by. At the end of the square is the magnificent St Mark’s Basilica with its extravagant interior.


A hidden gem in the Aegean Sea, the volcanic island of Santorini is not to be overlooked. Ranked highly with loved-up couples, its beaches made up of red, white and black larva pebbles, striking sunsets and charming villages, will surely bring out the romantic in everyone.

A great place to unwind there are many tavernas where you can sample a variety of grilled seafood and dry white wines, made with grapes from local vineyards. Should wine whet your appetite, Santorini is world renowned for its unique tasting wines and there are plenty of opportunities to try these direct from local producers.

And if you are after a truly magical and jaw dropping experience, then take a trip to Oia. This beautiful Greek town is famous for its white-washed houses carved into the rugged cliff tops. After an evening of sampling local delicacies, what would be better than to take a scenic stroll to the ruined Oia castle, which is famous for its stunning sunset views!

Did you know?

It only takes up to four minutes to decide whether you like someone or not According to a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina, just 20 seconds of cuddling a day can lower your heart rates and blood pressure A 75-year long study conducted by a group of Harvard researchers has shown that love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfilment revolved around love or simply searching for love